Be Brave

“Be brave.”

Lyndsay Montina

Yes, I did quote myself at the beginning of this post. If not for your benefit, for mine. To remind me that this is the motto I have adopted for myself and the way I want to live my life. I didn’t always embrace this thought. I, like many others, was terrified of opening myself up to criticism and failure.

When I went to grad school for my MA in Leadership I realized I had to get over these fears. As I was working through all my thoughts of why I wasn’t good enough to be in the program I found myself reciting “Be brave, be brave, be brave…” over and over in my head. These words have stuck with me ever since. I need to remember this more now than ever because the past few months have been a journey. COVID, working from home, isolation, fearing for job security, guilt over endless screen time for my son… The list goes on.

So, what does being brave look like?

  • It’s admitting you were wrong and owning your mistakes even if the consequences seem bad.
  • It’s embracing those tough conversations that you’re scared of having.
  • It’s sharing your idea in a room full of people you believe are smarter and more successful than you.
  • It’s taking the leap, trying something new and knowing you could fail.
  • It’s asking for the raise or promotion.
  • It’s applying for a job you don’t think you have ALL the requirements for.
  • It’s asking for help from family, friends or medical professionals if you’re struggling.
  • It’s going whitewater rafting with your husband and jumping off the cliff into the water.
  • It’s standing up for what you believe is right rather than being a bystander.
  • It’s telling yourself you don’t have to be an all-or-nothing kind of person. It’s being okay with accepting gradual change rather than immediate results.
  • It’s having open conversations with your children. I parent by telling my son the truth about uncomfortable subjects. At eight years old he is aware of many topics other parents have yet to broach. These conversations have led to deep discussions based on curiosity rather than shame. I want to inspire Luca to be brave and that involves allowing him to ask the questions he has in a safe place.
  • It’s loving with your whole heart. Sometimes I’ll look at my husband and son and have my breath taken away as I realize the amount of love I have for those two.

There are so many more examples but these ones resonate at this point in time. I’m curious, what does being brave look like to you?

Be brave and do all the things,



  1. Love this Lyndsay! The point about being brave with career moves rings so true for me, i felt totally underqualified for my current position and just decided to go for it, despite the voice in my head telling me i wasn’t good enough. And im so very happy I did 🙂


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