Trying new things

“I’ve always wanted to try new things because it’s exciting and it keeps you active and alive.”

Robert Redford

I’m heading back to work at the beginning of September and am so excited about being back on campus for my favourite time of year. With the exception of 2020, each Fall I watch as campus comes alive after months of inactivity and is filled with bright faces eager to learn. After 531 days from working at home, I am ready for the post-pandemic season to officially begin (fingers crossed).

I’ve decided to take this occasion as a point of renewal like cracking open a brand new notebook and pencil case (or laptop for all the Gen Z’s). I’m going to try the following new things to stretch myself:

  1. I’m running for Coalhurst Town Council! Who knew I would go down this path! The ‘hurst (as I fondly refer to it) is an amazing little community and I’m thrilled about the opportunity to continue to make it get better.
  2. I’m finally teaching a University class! I was asked to teach Management 1000 and leapt at the opportunity to do so. This is my first official “teaching” job and I’m terrified to mess up but also so excited for the experience.
  3. Karissa, this one is for both of us. We’re finally going to figure out how to make doughnuts that are as good (if not better) than General Porpoise.
  4. I’m going to crack 200 peloton workouts by the end of the year. Do you peloton? If so, add me as a friend and we can cheer each other on
  5. I’m going to take one day off per month to spend it doing whatever I want. Maybe I’ll hang out at home and read a book all day or take myself on a spa date.

What new things are you going to try?

Be Brave!


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