“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

John F. Kennedy

I’ve always felt very lucky to be surrounded by inspiring people, but this campaign has highlighted how fortunate I truly am. From the moment I put my name forward for council/ mayor, I have received an immense amount of support from people I know and love, and also those who I’m just getting to know.

We’re getting close to Thanksgiving and I want to express how much the support of this community means to me.

Everything from the follows on facebook, likes on posts, thoughtful questions, messages of support and people’s willingness to support me with their time, talent and treasure, I appreciate you. Sometimes I find myself completely speechless and like my heart is going to explode with love and gratitude.

Yesterday a group of Lyndsay Montina for Mayor supporters and I went out to deliver flyers and meet community members who wanted to learn more about me. It was a day full of great conversations, long walks (Charlie loved this!) and learning more about what matters to our community.

A moment that will stay with me for a long time was when I approached a young family to let them know that I was running for mayor and ask if they would like a flyer to learn more about me. They kindly said they would like it and we wished each other a good day. As I was walking to the next house the young woman yelled over to ask if I was a mom. I told her I was and she said that she’s seen my signs and hopes I win and because we need more young women in these roles. I’m not sure if I qualify for a young woman anymore… I think that ship has sailed but I would like to credit Jes at Nature’s Clarity for keeping my skin looking young.

In all seriousness, this small interaction made me stop and think about all the people that are putting their trust and faith in what I can bring to the table and it takes my breath away.

Thank you for all your acts of kindness and support (whether big or small)! Often times it’s these things that allow me to reset when imposter syndrome starts to creep in. From the bottom of my heart, please know that I appreciate YOU!

Be brave!


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