Why hello…

It’s me…. Lyndsay Montina. I am passionate about food (especially cheese), the men in my life (see photo above), continuous learning and making my community a place that elicits envy amongst the other “Coal” towns. I’m looking at you, Coaldale.

My husband, Tony, grew up in Coalhurst and petitioned me to consider building our house in his hometown. In 2016 his perseverance paid off and we built a house in Sundance. I have since developed a real penchant for small-town living and I am often persuading my friends to consider relocating to the ‘hurst.

I enjoy being involved in the community and am the President of the Parks and Recreation Society as well as Chair of the Recreation and Culture Committee. I also volunteer with Imagine Canada and work with the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association.

In my day job, I’m the director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving at the University of Lethbridge. Yes, I’m the same Lyndsay Montina that sends you the monthly alumni newsletter.

Before COVID, I could often be found hosting parties, spending time in NYC, exploring a new city or heading to the movie theatre with my family. But this past year I’ve learned how much I appreciate my home and community. I have unearthed a love for puzzles, daily walks, weeknight movies on the couch, morning coffee on the deck and Jerry’s Pop Shop cookies. If you throw in a half-hour 2000s ride on the peloton, it’s a good day!

Want to know more? Contact me!