I stand for…

Strong leadership

Leadership is the foundation to any organization. I believe in enabling people to do their best while challenging them to be curious. I value bringing diverse groups of people together to create innovative solutions.

community safety

Having a safe community is one of the reasons my husband and i chose to raise our son in Coalhurst. We need to address resident concerns through a review of existing services and exploring options to strengthen safety

communication and transparency

There needs to be a greater commitment to consult with Coalhurstians and disseminate accurate information about where tax dollars are being spent. As mayor of Coalhurst, I will make sure you have timely access to information and your voice is heard before important decisions are made.


As a growing community, we need to ensure that our recreational facilities and programs flourish. I am committed to working with our community leaders to create more recreation opportunities within Coalhurst

Economic development

We need to be supportive and welcoming to businesses that would like to be in our community. As Coalhurst grows, I’ll help our business leaders lay down strong roots in our town.